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Our free horror sound pack includes horror ambience sounds, creepy girl voices, and demonic sounds. Let an evil woman speak ominous things or fight the ghosts and poltergeists with the ghost hunter sayings. To round off the free horror pack, paranormal sounds and a few witch sounds are also included, hehe 😊

Free content:

You can use our free horror voices and sound effects for YouTube, video games, podcasts, apps, films, videos, intros or anything you like.

You CAN edit and use the sounds in any project, commercial or non-commercial. You CAN'T resell, distribute or upload the sounds to others.


The license type is royalty-free and credit is required.

Please credit us 🙏


Our suggestions:

Horror Voices, Music and SFX by AlesiaDavina (https://alesiadavina.com)

Horror Voices by AlesiaDavina (https://alesiadavina.com)

Vocals by AlesiaDavina (https://alesiadavina.com)

Horror Sound Effects by AlesiaDavina (https://alesiadavina.com)

Or suitable combinations 😊

Sound list: