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In order to check in advance whether a certain spoken phrase (e.g. creepy girl -> "do you wanna play") or a certain sound (e.g. ghost) is included in our horror sample pack, we have created a detailed sound list.

Please download the PDF and search for the phrase you are looking for:


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We want to express our heartfelt thanks for all your positive feedback and reviews 💖

If there’s anything we can do better, just drop us a quick message - we’re here for you 🙏


All reviews come from verified customers who have purchased our products.

"Thank you, thank you thank you. Thats a really good job Alesia. Perfect for my futured game projects. Realy rar, i like the natural voices, (no AI) keep it and pls make more. Greetings richix" by richix

"Great quality!! What a talented voice actor and sound designer. I'm always looking to support those who do this independently. Thank you!!" by Khro

"The sheer scope of Alesia-Davina's sample pack is breathtaking. While it includes a broad array of theme-appropriate voice-over lines, I find the sound-effects particularly useful and impressive in their variety (e.g. for monsters, dying, being possessed etc.). I also like that the sounds come in versions with or without post-processing each. Horror game devs will be sure to find tracks that will enrich their players' experience." by Robert @ Tall Tide Games

"Professional, high quality and a nice variety of SFX / VO for many kinds of horror related themes, great work thank you so much!" by Anonymous

"I love the lifetime updates, very worth the price. thank you!" by Anonymous

"The sounds are fantastic for horror games! We already use them in both of our games (The Devourer: Hunted Souls and also in PANICORE). Thank you Alesia for this wonderful package!" by ZTEK Studio

"The sounds that came in the sample pack are great and were just what I was looking for. They are perfect! I also like the peace of mind of being able to use them without any problems in the future. The level of customer service was also a nice surprise and unexpected, they went above and beyond, highly recommended! Ryan C." by Ryan C.

"Thank you for your wonderful work !" by sebastien amyot

"I am very satisfied with the quality, diversity, and price of this sound effects pack. 👏 Also, the customer support is great! I really recommend it! 👍" by pri200

"Similar to the sound effects package from the movie Exorcist, it’s a great addition to the character." by *ya*

"Beautiful Voice and Great quality Sound Design. I just wanted to say I am blown away with these voice packs. the voice is so bueautiful and yet creepy at the same time." by *em*

"Hugely recommend Alesia's work! Her zombie voices absolutely made the experience of the FPS game me and some friends made a few years back!" by *le*

"Just what I was looking for. Thank you for the prompt reply and solving the issue, and also for making such good sounds." by *io*


No AI was used in the creation of the entire sample pack, which will also apply in the future.

This means that you can also state that you have not used any AI elements in your productions.


All voices are recorded with a high quality tube microphone.

The sound design and mastering of the sound effects was done according to professional standards.


This ever-expanding collection is a sinister soundscape that brings your video and music productions to life.

Music producers will find a large collection of samples in our horror sample pack to perfectly underlay and elaborate their productions.

Our recordings may be used explicitly in music productions.

As the originator of all samples (100% originals) we provide the sample clearing directly. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Important note about the usability of our audio files included in our Horror Voices Sample Pack:

The individual voices and sound effects in our Horror Voices Sample Pack are included in two versions: "processed" and "dry". You can use the processed samples immediately. If you want to edit the voices according to your own ideas in order to integrate them perfectly into your project, you can use the dry samples. Our idea behind it is to offer added value.

There are a few exceptions in our sample pack, such as ghost sound effects and similar, which do not work without high-quality reverb. These are only available as samples with reverb.


Our constantly growing horror voices sample pack is suitable for:

- Video creators
- Creative artists
- Game developers
- Podcast creators
- Youtubers
- Influencers
- Filmmakers
- Music producers


The horror sample pack covers a wide range and is suitable for the following purposes, for example:

Creepy halloween videos, frightening game level design, horror-based content / projects, true crime podcasts, YouTube / Twitch horror channels, scary stories and horror tales, audio books and radio plays, presentations, backgrounds, marketing, advertising, film and television productions, theater performances, musicals, radio broadcasts and music productions.


By purchasing the horror sample pack, you will enjoy all of our future updates for free, without a subscription.

With every update we send out a newsletter within the Gumroad platform to inform you about additions, changes and new horror sounds.


Over 20 sections:

- Anxious Women
- Creatures and Zombies
- Creepy Girls
- Curious Women
- Dark Ambience
- Demonics
- Desperate Women
- Disturbia
- Dying Sounds
- Evil Women
- Fearful Women
- Female Ghosts
- Female Vampires
- Ghost Hunters
- Ghostly
- Ghostly Breaths
- Ghostly Singing
- Monsters
- Paranormals
- Possessed
- Sirens and Mermaids
- Suffering Sounds


All our samples are audio-technically processed and can be used immediately in projects. In order to guarantee maximum usability, we have also added a dry sample variant to many samples.

The dry samples are great to implement your own ideas and requirements of the sound. Create your own version of a voice or sound and customize it perfectly to your project.


All our recordings and samples are royalty-free and no credit is required.

100% original and unique voices and sound effects.

Edit and use the samples in any non-commercial, commercial and broadcast production, including but not limited to: film, television and radio programmes, musical compositions and performances, theatrical performances and live shows, presentations, conferences, exhibitions, commercials, podcasts, video games, apps, software, audiobooks, YouTube videos, social media video posts, online marketing ads, educational purposes, filmmaking, live streaming such as Twitch, blogs and websites, school projects.

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