⭐️Horror Voices & SFX for producers, gamedevs and filmmakers⭐️

⭐️Description of our horror voice line service⭐️

Hey, are you a game developer in the horror genre and looking for exclusive and unique female voice lines to realistically realize your video game?

We are sound designers and produce horror voices. We sometimes receive requests from game developers to record custom voices for video games. And since we really enjoy doing this, we would like to present our portfolio to you here.

⭐️Our horror voice service⭐️

We offer you professionally recorded and edited horror themed voice lines - according to your specifications.

Your specifications should:

  • not be longer than 20 seconds per voice line
  • only represent female characters (no deep voices)
  • not be suggestive or sexual in nature
  • not include any illegal activities

Ideally describe your video game, possibly even with some footage material. Then I have the opportunity to put myself perfectly in the situation.

⭐️Free trials⭐️

If you want to check whether my voice fits your project, download our free trials:

⭐️Voice line catalog⭐️

We created a catalog to make it easy to find the right audio effects for your voice lines. This means you can quickly get your idea of what it will sound like, we know what we have to do and you save time and money.

Please download our voice line catalog:

⭐️Description and instructions⭐️

The "Category" show what kind of voice lines we can offer you. And the "AudioFX" selection, which audio effect you would like to have on the voice line.

You can mix "Category" and "AudioFX" with each other.

Please enter each voice line in a list like this:

Category: 13 (Ghost)
AudioFX: 052
Voice line: "My ghost voice line"

Category: 02 (Banshee)
AudioFX: 005
Voice line: "My banshee voice line"

⭐️We offer you⭐️

⭐️A price of only 5 US$* per voice line from our catalog with fixed sound design/audio effect (* the price is exclusive of the taxes/VAT applicable in your country).

⭐️Quick processing and delivery times after consultation, depending on the scope of your request

⭐️Two revisions for each individual voice line

⭐️A simple and globally valid license

⭐️The promise to maintain secrecy about your project

⭐️Easy payment, e.g. via PayPal

💯 You only pay after you have informed us that you are 100% satisfied with our work.

So that you can assess our work, we will send you your audio files in advance, with an audio watermark.

⭐️How do you order and what happens next⭐️

⭐️Simply send us your request by email me@alesiadavina.com. Send us your catalog list directly and we will check whether we can accept your request.

⭐️We will get back to you as quickly as possible and send you all the important details about your order.

⭐️If everything is OK for you, send us your approval via email and we will start your recordings.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Have a nice day.

Best wishes,