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Hey, I'm Alesia-Daviña, the little witch, and I'm guiding you through the product information text of our:

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So that the whole thing doesn't get boring and so that you don't fall asleep with so much text or I fall asleep while writing, I decided to embed all the information in a kind of nice witch scenario.


That makes it nicer and more exciting for me to write and you're more likely to want to read it all. Sounds fair, doesn't it?

First of all, I would like to welcome you to our site.
Hihi, well, let's finally start.


In order to create an excellent spell as a project grandmaster like you, you first need a cool idea, a plan or concept for your horror or Halloween project, which you already surely have within yourself. Now you're looking for a formula to implement your magic according to your individual ideas in the best possible way and as close to reality as possible and to round off your creation with a spooky-scary touch, right?

Let me tell you this much: An experienced witch will probably ask her wise companion, a raven, probably, or something, for advice in her spell preparations and in her search for safe inspiration, or open her old friend, the knowledgeable and clever spell book and goes through it properly to find out how she could now proceed with her project. Because in order for a summoning ritual to work properly and succeed, that powerful, intended spell ultimately wants to be well prepared.

Although ravens are really cool, but we do not want to sell magic creatures here (what the hell?), we give you here as a project grandmaster so instead of a guide animal, a quick, clear information text and a pretty cool, easy to acquire magic formula voice sample pack for your personal horror project spell book with the hand, with which you can make your inner magic reality.

The usability of our magical sample smorgasbord offers you a multitude of possibilities to bring liveliness and creativity into your artistic spooky projects. We'd like to show you a few areas where you can use our sound effects for your spooky creations.

Wait, a little incantation - because otherwise you won't be able to read the letters here - second..... (mumble) hex-hex..... (mumble, mumble) sfx-sfx.

So now we can start with the knowledge recording.

💡 Film and Television
In horror movies, thrillers and scary series, eerie voices and scary sounds are essential to heighten the tension and draw the audience into the desired dark plot. With our Horror Voices Sample Pack, you as a director and sound designer can use a palette of voices and sounds to enhance the intended horror in your project and create a more frightening and terrifying atmosphere. Whether it's ghostly whispers, suffering female wails, or ominous laughter, our sound effects can tickle or even strain your audience's nerves, giving them a unique and memorable movie experience they're unlikely to soon forget.

💡 Video Game Development
Horror video games are notorious for their frightening scenes and eerie characters. With our Horror Voices Sample Pack, you as a game developer can create authentic and nightmarish gameplay experiences and make your gaming levels eerily vivid and exciting. From demonic voices to ghostly whispers or wails, our sound effects can immerse your players in a hauntingly creepy, dark game world and test their senses and nerves.

💡 Audio Productions
Your podcasts, audiobooks and audio dramas can also benefit from our captivating sound effects. Eerie voices and sounds can do a good job of drawing your listeners into your created story and creating a vivid and emotional experience. Whether it's an eerie tale, a dark mystery story, or something else - our sound effects can add a deep and haunting dimension to your scenario.

💡 Music Production
As a music producer, you can use our creepy and spooky sound effects as your extra creative tool. The integration of our voices into different music genres can lead to a unique and distinctive sound. Manipulations and alienations of our voices open up limitless possibilities for your cool, experimental and artistic music productions.

💡 Artistic Projects
As an artist and sound designer, you can also use our Horror Voices Sample Pack to create creative multimedia artworks that can transport your audience into a world of horror and fascination. Whether your work is installation, interactive exhibition or performance art, let our eerie voices and sounds inspire you and take advantage of our sound pool to create a profound impact on your project viewers.

💡 Halloween Events and Parties
Hey, even for you as an organizer or Halloween fan, there is certainly something in our Horror Voices Sample Pack. Use our pool to realize and express your individual ideas and wishes for spooky costume parties or shivering nights of horror according to your own needs. Whether it's eerie sounds for a haunted house, eerie sounds for a maze, or sinister voices for a themed party, our sound effects can add a captivating atmosphere to your project and make your scary Halloween experience unforgettable.

💡 YouTube Videos
For you as a YouTuber, if you specialize in the horror genre, our Horror Voices Sample Pack also offers a rich selection of sound effects to make your videos scarier and more exciting. From horror pranks to scary stories to scary challenges, using our sound effects can enhance the visuals on your channel and allow your viewers to dive even deeper into the spooky world of horror you've created.

💡 Influencer Campaigns and Promotions
As an influencer, you can use our Horror Voices Sample Pack in your own campaigns or promotions to create a mysterious and spooky atmosphere. For example, you can use them in cool mystery box unboxings, in your reviews of horror products, or in your ads for spooky events or products. Using our sound effects can captivate your viewers and increase their interest in the content you present.

So let's sum up in a nutshell: From movies to video games to audio productions and artistic projects, our voices and sounds can add an eerie touch to any creative idea and immerse your listeners, viewers or players in a world of horror and fascination.

Well, have we made you curious and you can't wait to get started with your own conjuring project? Yeah, that's great - let's get to work!

But first: A short moment of your time please. Because as every old-established and experienced witch knows from her witch kitchen, it is well known that brevity is the spice! But not so hasty, because even some very experienced witch does not dare just like that to cook their own, gruesome soup, without having read up sufficiently before. After all, she should know what exactly it's all about, right?

So that you as a grand master can get a quick and precise overview to brew your own ominous potion, we no longer beat around the bush, but summarize all the important quality features and information about our product briefly and succinctly here in a magical ingredients list for you:

For your individual scary project stew (1 serving) you need:

✅ A sample pack with over 3000 horror voices and sound effects

✅ Over 20 sections of different horror voice and sound types

✅ Suitable for almost any purpose

✅ Free lifetime updates

✅ Maximum ease of use

✅ One simple license

✅ 100% royalty-free

✅ 100% handcrafted

and salt. Without salt everything tastes really bland, you might think. And that's exactly not the case here! Your creation should be fun and magical. If we can contribute with our magic formula of voices and sounds to provide you with an unmistakable taste explosion and palate pleasure of samples, so that your heart project becomes really great, then we are happy.

(Clearing throat) - Enough pleasantries! After all, this is supposed to be about the horror genre. So on we go in a swift broom flight through our creative spellbook knowledge text for you:

All our voices are recorded with a high quality tube microphone. The sound design and mastering of our sound effects was done according to professional standards. No "artificial intelligence" was used in the creation of the entire sample pack - we witches are old school, so this will continue in the future.

By purchasing our horror sound pack, you will be able to enjoy all future updates magically - for free and without a subscription. When we add an update, a portal will immediately open up in front of you and a demon will aaaaAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!- haha, a little joke on the side. No. You just get notified automatically by Gumroad. Short and sweet. Promise!

Over 20 sections of different horror voices and sounds types:

⭐️Anxious Women Voices
Our creepy, anxious-worried women voices are a powerful resource to create an eerie mood. These voices aren't just for horror movies or radio plays. They can also be used in podcasts, YouTube videos, or live performances to create a captivating atmosphere. Whether you run a scary podcast, a YouTube channel for the mysterious, or want to give goosebumps at live events, our creepy, fearful, anxious female voices can captivate your audience and send shivers down their spines.

⭐️Creatures and Zombie Sounds
Ready to dive into the dark world of horror? Want to terrify your audience with eerie sounds? Then use our creepy creature sounds from our Horror Voices sample pack for your creation. Our sounds let you create an eerie soundscape by combining them with other sound effects, for example. Dive into the world of horror and easily create unique and haunting atmospheres that will transport your listeners into a world of horror.

⭐️Creepy Girl Voices
Eerie girl voices offer countless possibilities not only in the entertainment field. Halloween and horror projects of all kinds, they add an extra dose of fright and make for an unforgettable experience. Venture into the unknown and use our spooky girl voices to get your audience's adrenaline pumping and lure them into a frightening adventure.

⭐️Curious Women Voices
Are you ready to explore the mysterious? Do you want to terrify your audience with a combination of curiosity and cluelessness? Then use our curious women voices from our Voices and Sounds pool for your effect. Our fascinating sounds offer you a unique opportunity to create an oppressive atmosphere and can form an ideal foundation to add excitement and liveliness to your projects.

⭐️Dark Ambience Sounds
Bring the darkness of your project to life with our captivating sounds. Captivate your audience and give them a unique and unforgettable experience that will haunt their deepest nightmares. Let our dark ambient sounds bring your projects to life and add an extra layer of horror to your content.

⭐️Demonic Sounds
Bring horror to life with our demonic sound effects. Whether you want to create a scary scene or highlight a dramatic moment, our demonic sounds could be the perfect addition to your project. Impress your audience with the intensity of the sounds and create mesmerizing works that can make their blood run cold.

⭐️Desperate Women Voices
Our desperate female voices are a powerful tool to create a deep and disturbing mood. From painful wailing to heartbreaking cries for help to hopeless wailing, our voices can evoke the sympathy and fears of the audience. They can add a human and vulnerable dimension to your characters and heighten the intensity of the horror you create by drawing your audience into an emotional vortex.

⭐️Dying Sounds
Want to give your audience a harrowing and disturbing atmosphere? Then use our death sounds from our pool to bring your work to life. These intense sounds offer a variety of ways to create an oppressive mood and send your audience on an emotional roller coaster ride.

⭐️Evil Women Voices
If you want to confront your audience with a terrifying and unyielding atmosphere , then our evil women voices are just what you need to underline the presence of horror in your creation. Our haunting sounds offer a variety of ways to create a menacing mood and draw your audience under the spell of evil.

⭐️Fearful Women Voices
Do you want to create heart palpitations and goosebumps in your audience? Do you want to captivate them with an atmosphere of fear and vulnerability? Then use our anxious women voices to bring your projects to life. Our captivating sounds offer countless possibilities to create an oppressive mood and take your audience into a world of horror.

⭐️Female Ghosts Voices
Breaking the boundaries between the world of the living and the dead. Want to take your audience into a world of the supernatural and eerie? Then use our female ghost voices from our sound pack to breathe paranormal reality into your projects. Our mysterious sounds offer a fascinating way to create an eerie atmosphere and transport your audience into the world of ghosts and demons.

⭐️Ghost Hunters
Explore the spirit world and conquer the supernatural. Do you want to take your audience into a world of mystery and eeriness? Then use our ghost hunter voices to bring your projects to life. Our fearless heroines offer you a fascinating opportunity to create thrilling atmospheres and take your audience into the world of paranormal investigations.

⭐️Ghostly Sounds
Ghostly sounds as your key to enter the realm of the supernatural. From whispering voices from beyond the grave to unsettling ghostly apparition sounds, our samples transport your audience into a world of the unknown. They create an atmosphere of trepidation and curiosity that can stimulate your listeners' senses and bring their deepest fears to life.

⭐️Monster Sounds
Ooooh, who wouldn't want to bring dark creatures to life for once. Do you also want to take your audience to a world of horror and fascination? Then use our monster sounds to make your projects eerie and gruesome. Our sounds offer you a wide range of possibilities to create an unforgettable and nightmarish mood that can make your audience feel scared and amazed.

⭐️Paranormal Sounds
Our Paranormal Sounds are a possible key for you to push the boundaries of reality. From unexplained voices and ghostly sounds to mysterious phenomena and apparition sounds, our sounds can bring the supernatural to life. Your audience will hold their breath as you transport them to a world where the impossible can become reality.

⭐️Possessed Women Voices
Our possessed women voices are your possible gateway to darkness. From distorted and demonic voices to disturbing laughter and menacing murmurs, our sounds embody the cruelty and despair of the possessed soul. They can make your audience hold their breath and take them into a world of the supernatural and madness.

⭐️Suffering and pain sounds
It's time to explore the boundaries of suffering and take your projects to a new, immersive level. To do so, use our suffering and pain sounds to create an unforgettable and emotionally charged experience. Impress your audience with the intensity of sound and create mesmerizing works that will draw them into their deepest emotions.

Now that was boring to read through for a moment, but also really informative. Now you have got a rough idea of our incantation concept and our magic formula is visibly taking shape in front of your trained grandmaster eye.

Hey, that's all well and good, you say to yourself, but can you experience the whole thing with a practical example? And you drum impatiently with your long fingernails on your old and used incantation desk. You are not from yesterday, at least 666 years young and still in addition a very clever magic creature. Who would buy a pig in a poke like that?

So as not to insult your magical intelligence or leave you hanging here curious, we've listed a couple of audio samples for you to listen to via links below. We wish you a lot of fun and horror while creeping, boohooohoooooo.

That's cool, you say to yourself, and you're about to close the website, retreat to the shadows of your summoning lab, and prepare your own spooky, unforgettable spell, when you remember that you read something else about "ease of use" and "a simple license".

Yes, you little witch, tell me, what's that all about?

Because you are soooo brave and have held out until here, of course I don't want to deny you the last secret ingredients of our formula and bring them closer to you and your wise grandmaster eye:

All our samples are audio-prepared and can be used immediately in projects. To ensure maximum usability, we have also added a dry sample variant to many samples. The dry samples are great for implementing your own ideas and sound requirements. Create your own version of a voice or sound and adapt it perfectly to your project.

All our recordings and samples are royalty-free and no credit is required.

100% original and unique voices and sound effects.

Edit and use the samples in any non-commercial, commercial and broadcast production, including but not limited to: Film, television and radio programs, musical compositions and performances, theatrical performances and live shows, presentations, conferences, exhibitions, commercials, podcasts, video games, apps, software, audio books, YouTube videos, social media video posts, online marketing ads, educational purposes, filmmaking, live streaming such as Twitch, blogs and websites, school projects.

I just thought, because this was so cool with us, I add you some extra information, hihi. It was really fun with you. I'm sure your project will be great and you'll create something awesome and exciting. If I could be helpful to you, I'm very happy.

On then, have fun with the magic, however you will decide. My choice is now a nice deep sleep to rest a little. That has been a bit exhausting.

So here I have my broom 🧹 I'm sure I'll dream of great horror and Halloween incantations - maybe you will too. Take care! See you at the next Walpurgis Night.

Best wishes,
Alesia-Davina 😊